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CIP fund investment returns depend on several factors, among which include, but are not limited to, the amount of leverage utilized, the inherent/intrinsic property characteristics, future growth potential and the applicable comparative risk factors.

The fundamental economic considerations of each investment determine the extent to which leverage can be applied as it may reasonably be calculated and determined to enhance our return on the investment.  The market, the strength and term of the properties positioning, and the type of investment, generally determine the leverage amount at the time of investment.  CIP typically employs a guideline of approximately 50% to 75% loan to value ratio in CRE investments and utilizes other factors in film and television investments.


Holding periods for PE fund investments vary but usually range from 36 to 120 months.

CIP adds value to investors by providing direct access into the commercial real estate and film and televison sectors.  Via a CIP fund strategy-specific investment vehicle, fund managers empower investors to deploy capital in these sectors without having to maintain a direct presence in the US for real estate or in Hollywood for in the film industry.  CIP will select appropriate properties that meet the objectives of a particular investment structure while managing those assets effectively before implementing a well-formulated exit strategy.

CIP has both US and non-US investors as clients, and our investment management professionals are especially sensitive to structuring investments with taxation and other concerns in mind.  We work with our clients to structure investment programs that meet their objectives.

CIP’s product-specific investment vehicles enable our investors to diversify across a wide spectrum of asset classes in the aforementioned industries and their transaction types.