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We bring the right people together to drive results. 

Your Partner in Investment Excellence

At CIP International our dedicated team of professionals is committed to meeting the expectations of our clients, helping them with their wide ranging real estate needs and taking successful deals to consummation.


Early on, as the leadership team began to carve out the company’s niche in an ever-expanding real estate industry, they quickly realized that there existed a distinct need for the expertise they had acquired in their respective professions. With nearly five decades of collective experience in everything from financing to law to commercial real estate, the leadership team has honed a unique set of skills and the expertise necessary to successfully execute and close all type of complex real estate investment and transactions. Having started from just an idea, CIP’s present-day success is the result of hard work, dedication to quality, and the meticulous development and implementation of a system driven business model that makes working with CIP a rewarding and efficient process.    


We make certain that no stone is left unturned for our clients.  Our clients can relax knowing that CIP advisors do not rest until our clients are in the right and best position.  We make good things happen.

Integrity, diversity,


social and environmental


Our Value

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